Design for Everyday Energy Efficiency

Design for everyday energy efficiency is a research and development programme from the Swedish Energy Agency that focuses on the role of individuals and groups in the energy system. The program provides funding to projects that combine energy research and development with design and behaviour science to develop new business models, knowledge, technology, products and services. The programme runs between 2018 and 2021 and is coordinated by SVID, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation. Total budget is 60 million SEK.

The results from the participating projects aim to give individuals and groups greater opportunities to influence and contribute to an energy-efficient and sustainable society. It should be easy to do right by using technology, products and services that are energy efficient and sustainable. The programme has two research and development areas: Knowledge and Expertise, and Technology and Innovation for Resource Efficiency. Funding can be given to research, development, innovation and demonstration projects, as well as activities aimed at commercialization, internationalization and increased utilization.

Design for everyday energy efficiency is coordinated by SVID, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation.